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About Practice Tests DMV - Driver's License Exam Prep

I’m Elliot Gold, President and CEO of Practice Tests DMV LLC, and I am also a veteran automobile liability and insurance attorney. Our bilingual online Driving Practice Tests apply nationwide and are carefully crafted by me to meet or exceed the difficulty level of the actual DMV exam. I know what it takes to pass the exam – practice, practice, and more practice Driver test prep questions.

Aside from studying your study guide, the key to passing your learner’s permit exam or Driver’s License test is to take as many practice tests as you can before the big day. Each of our online DMV exam practice tests are are designed to help build a foundation of some of the most fundamental driving information in your mind. Our questions apply in every state and U.S. jurisdiction. We provide you with the ability to take several practice exams, plus bonus tests on the main DMV topics. Our tests also have detailed answer explanations, so you can understand why you got the answer wrong or to help solidify your understanding of the information addressed.

Pass The Driver's License Test Guaranteed

Our DMV Driving Test Prep Includes:

  • 750+ DMV Test Questions & Answers
  • On-The-Road Driver's Ed Videos
  • Take Unlimited DMV Tests For 1 Year
  • Practice Mode & Timed Exam Mode
  • DMV Vocab Flashcards & Glossary
  • Your State DMV Driving Manual
  • Rules & Regulations Updated 2023
  • Support From DMV Liability Attorney